Scaling Up: Execution

Scaling Up: Execution

Are all processes & systems in your business running without drama & delivering above industry standard profitability?

One common challenge that quietly creeps up on successful growth companies is the subtle transition from excellent, precise execution to passivity, complacency and eventually poor execution disciplines. 

Many firms experience significant revenue growth, only to see their profitability drop because of the sloppiness of their execution.  This usually emerges as the development of systems and processes don’t keep up with increasing sales volumes. 

Another indication of poor execution is the time spent delivering your products or services. When execution is poor, the organization has to rely on staff putting in incredible hours to just keep the wheels from falling off. 

By tightening up your execution habits, you can dramatically improve gross margins and profitability while reducing the time it takes for everyone to complete their work.

Effective execution of your strategy requires discipline, focus & persistence and revolves around careful prioritization of effort, putting in place a range of metrics that represent your progress and a meeting rhythm that ensures fast, reliable and efficient communication right across the business.