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Helping New Zealand businesses Scale Up through the four key areas of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash

scaling up business advisorQUAD Consulting offers expert advice and a proven platform and tools designed to help New Zealand business leaders scale-up their businesses and to make the right decisions relating to the four key areas of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. 


Adrian Pickstock is the founder and a certified Scaling Up Business Coach servicing the New Zealand market. Working with key stakeholders, Adrian interrogates the business and trading environment to determine what the business is deeply passionate about, what the business can be the best-in-class at, and what drives its economic engine.  He will then help the leadership team set, implement, and achieve its immediate and long term goals.  Adrian helps establish the strategic clarity and the focus necessary to help NZ companies scale.


Scaling Up is part of Gazelles Inc which provides executive education, coaching and technology services to help mid-market companies around the world build and execute a strategic plan. Best known for its One-Page Strategic Plan and other one-page tools.




People Decisions

Do you want to build a harmonious culture within your company where people are empowered to be accountable? If you had the choice right now would you enthusiastically re-hire everyone on your team?

Strategy Decisions

Can you and your company leaders quickly and easily state your company’s strategy?.
Do you have a concrete plan in place that guarantees sustainable growth?

Execution Decisions

Is your business consistently and efficiently converting revenue into profit? Are your leaders and team members accountable and disciplined in the execution of their roles and responsibilities?

Cash Decisions

Do you have a steady source of cash to fuel your company’s growth? Are you ready to make the changes necessary to increase output and improve revenue?

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