Scaling Up: Cash

Do you have sufficient cash to fuel the growth of your business?

Growth Sucks Cash. Cash is the oxygen that keeps your business alive, and is often the biggest challenge facing companies that are in active growth.

How long does it take from when you spend a dollar (marketing, design, rent, wages, etc.) until you get that dollar back?

By focusing on decreasing this time you will improve your cash conversion cycle (CCC) meaning you generate more cash the faster you grow. With the right focus, discipline and attention to detail, all firms can accomplish a dramatic CCC improvement giving them sufficient internal cash to fuel their growth.

Careful cash management results in an improvement of profit, cash and the valuation of your business. 

Revealing your cash flow code:  Cash Flow Story founder Alan Miltz says, the Power of One is the code of your business. Your business is no different to a sporting event. There has to be a score and Cash Flow Story is that score. Using the 7 levers in the Power of One, everyone in the game can be taught how to improve and fix the business.

Do you know what the impact on your profit, cash flow and value of your business that a 1% price increase has versus a 1% volume increase?